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Criminal policy


The main objective of the Criminal Policy Department is preparing for the government its decisions related to criminal policy. We are actually not talking about decisions, but alternatives for decisions. There is never one single correct decision for a problem in society; there are alternatives, which vary in their cost and effect. 

A good political decision is one where the effects, the possible side effects, the risks of implementation, and of course the costs, can clearly be determined. With every decision, the government must – among other things – know, how much means it will take to get results.

So the task of the Criminal Policy Department is to develop such alternative decisions, and to carry out the necessary analyses and research for it. In order that decisions would cease to be made according to what somebody heard somewhere, or what seems to be right in somebody’s own eyes. All steps taken in criminal policy must be founded on reliable information.

The second objective of the Criminal Policy Department is the execution of performance inspection, i.e. analysis of the activities of criminal institutions, in order to find out whether and how the policy of the government is carried out. This is accomplished through statistical analysis, activities audit, and scientific research. The inspection is not for controlling purposes only, but it also yields necessary information on what kinds of changes need to be made in the plans.



Last updated: 19 May 2014