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Immovable property, marital property, succession and ship register

Land registry department maintains the land register and ship register. 

Land register is a register of real rights in immovable property. An immovable (registered immovable) is a plot of land, an apartment ownership, a right of superficies or a right of superficies in apartments. The owners of immovables and the restricted real rights encumbering the immovables are entered in the land register: mortgages, servitudes, real encumbrances, rights of superficies, rights of pre-emption and notations (preliminary notations, notations concerning the prohibition, objections and notes).

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The marital property register is kept by Chamber of Notaries. If the spouses have not chosen separateness of property or set-off of assets increment as a proprietary relationship or it has not been otherwise agreed by a marital property contract, the property acquired during the marriage is in general joint property. Information will be entered in the marital property register concerning the proprietary relationship chosen by the spouses, as well as mutual rights and obligations of the spouses which are specified in the marital property contract, in order to make these visible also to third parties (for example, to creditors).


The Succession Register is kept by Chamber of Notaries. The succession register contains information concerning wills, succession contracts, estate management measures, succession proceedings and succession certificates. It is also possible to make queries in Gateway to e-Estonia portal about the documents related to your registered wills, succession contracts and succession proceedings and inform the succession register of the preparation of a domestic will


Ship register (ships, ships under construction and non-propelled floating vessels that are entered in it can be encumbered with mortgages and their right of ownership is regulated in the similar manner with immovable property).

See an advice on a ship registration.

Last updated: 17 July 2020