The joint building of ministries

The Ministry of Justice is located in the joint building of the ministries at 1 Suur-Ameerika Street in Tallinn.

In addition to the Ministry of Justice, the joint building is used by employees of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The joint building is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The building has two entrances, one on Suur-Ameerika Street and the other on Pärnu Road. The joint building is located in a place that is easily accessible by public transport – the nearest bus and tram stops are Kosmos and Vineeri, and the closest train stop is Lilleküla.

Guests of the joint building are registered with the administrator on the basis of an identity document. Guests can usually enter the meeting rooms with an escort.

Ühishoone maja

Parking by the joint building

The joint building is located in the paid parking area of the city centre. Passengers can exit and enter vehicles in the so-called pocket on Suur-Ameerika Street or on Väike-Ameerika Street.

Disabled parking spaces are located in an area restricted by a barrier of the joint building on Pärnu Road (2 spaces, approximately 15 metres from the entrance of Pärnu Road and approximately 30 metres from the entrance on Suur-Ameerika Street). When visiting the joint building, it is possible to use the parking spaces in the area restricted by barriers for stopping or parking. Please inform the employee who invited the guest in advance.

Accessibility of the joint building

The entrances are at street level, but wheelchair users will find it more convenient to enter the building from Suur-Ameerika Street, which has automatic sliding doors. The opening range of the sliding door of the main entrance is 120 cm.

Roughened paving stones are being installed on the side facing Pärnu Road, turns are marked with tactile paving, and an additional track is marked from the disabled parking area. When entering the joint building, pathways are marked on the ground floor with tactile tape which lead to the administrators in the lobby and after the visitor has been registered, they can follow the pathways through the turnstiles to the meeting rooms and toilets on the ground floor. The meeting room on the ground floor, Kuusk (Spruce), is equipped for people with impaired hearing.

The ground floor of the joint building houses larger meeting rooms, a press room, a conference room, and a café. The restaurant is located on the first basement floor. It can be accessed by the stairs or by a lift.

The lifts are wheelchair-accessible.

Dimensions of the lift:

  • Depth: 150 cm
  • Width: 150 cm
  • Door: 89 cm

Width of the turnstiles: 89 cm

The accessible toilet is located on the ground floor and is marked with a wheelchair symbol on the door. The doorway to the toilet is without a threshold and complies with international standards.

Last updated: 21.03.2023