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25.05.2018|Ministry of Justice

General Data Protection Regulation taking effect this Friday

25.05.2018 On Friday, 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council will take effect to create uniform rules for the processing of personal data, strengthen the right to privacy online and stimulate digital economy.

15.12.2017|Ministry of Justice

Europe’s best crime prevention project was created in Estonia

15.12.2017 On 14 December, the European Crime Prevention Network awarded Europe’s best crime prevention project. This year’s competition focused on cyber security and it marked the 20th year of assigning this award.
25.10.2017|Ministry of Justice

EuroVisor wins Garage48’s e-Justice idea hackathon

25.10.2017. Having seen the presentations at Garage48’s idea hackathon held within the framework of the e-Justice related conference ’Futur-e-Justice’ which took place on October 19-20 in Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel), the jury decided on EuroVisor as the winning team. EuroVisor is a convenient application for travellers which considers both the person’s country of origin and the country of destination and enables a handy comparison of legislation in different states.
08.09.2017|Ministry of Justice

E-Volution of Data Protection discussed in Tartu

8.09.2017. On 7th-8th September, Ministry of Justice organised a high-level international conference on implementation of the EU Data Protection Reform to give the EU Member States the opportunity to find the best solutions before making final decisions on their Data Protection Acts from May 2018.
07.09.2017|Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice called on Google and Intel Corporation to discuss personal data protection issues in Tartu

7.09.2017. On 7th-8th September, a high-level international conference will take place in Tartu, where specialists and the largest companies of the world will discuss what comes along with the EU data protection reform that will be put into practice in May 2018.
06.09.2017|Ministry of Justice

Conference in Tallinn: Next step should be creating more possibilities for the cross-border mobility of companies

5.09.2017. On September 4-5, Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Commission brought together stakeholders to discuss possible necessary changes in the existing EU company law framework on the 21st European Company Law and Corporate Governance Conference: Crossing Borders, Digitally. 
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31.08.2017|Ministry of Justice

Company law initiative to be discussed in Tallinn

31.08.2017. September 4-5, 2017 the European Company Law and Corporate Governance Conference will take place in Tallinn to discuss necessary changes in the existing EU company law.
30.08.2017|Ministry of Justice

The Minister of Justice of Estonia Mr. Urmas Reinsalu replied to his Greek colleague Mr. Stavros Kontonis

30.08.2017. The Minister of Justice of Estonia Mr. Urmas Reinsalu replied today to his Greek colleague Mr. Stavros Kontonis in relation to participation on the European Day of Remembrance on August 23, 2017. 
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23.08.2017|Ministry of Justice

European Day of Remembrance Commemorated in Tallinn

23.08.2017. On the European Day of Remembrance for the Victims of All Totalitarian and Authoritarian regimes, delegations of Ministries of Justice of Europe and representatives of associations of victims of totalitarianism as well as representatives of institutions and organizations that study the crimes of totalitarian regimes convened in Tallinn. There were 19 countries represented on the conference or in the ministerial meeting. Invited were the EU countries and representatives from the Eastern Partnership.
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23.08.2017|Ministry of Justice

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Estonia on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of all Totalitarian and authoritarian regimes

23.08.2017. Estonia strongly condemns all crimes against humanity and the massive human rights violations committed by all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes and remembers the victims of all these regimes.