The European Restorative Justice Conference focuses on the security situation worldwide

28.05.2024 | 09:21

The 12th European Restorative Justice Forum (EFRJ) conference, titled „Just Times: Restorative Justice Responses in Dark Times“, will take place in Tallinn from May 29th to 31st, bringing together over 350 experts from various countries and fields.
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So far, restorative justice has been primarily used in resolving conflicts between individuals and within the traditional legal system. This method provides a safe environment for victims, offenders, and other affected people to express their thoughts and feelings, listen to one another, and thereby reach a consensus on how to repair the harm caused.

This year´s conference, however, focuses on the potential role of restorative justice in dark times. Specifically, it explores how restorative justice can drive cultural transformation amidst significant conflicts, wars, and violence, not only within the legal frameworks but also across broader societal contexts.

According to conference organizer, Emanuela Biffi, the 12th conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice proposes new ideas to respond to the injustices and insecurities of today´s societies. „Responding with violence to violence is not effective and it does not take into account the needs of all those affected by harm. While research shows the benefits of restorative justice in common crimes, we wish now to explore how a broader cultural change can occur, considering the dark times we are living in,” said Biffi.

According to the Deputy Secretary General for Criminal Policy, Laidi Surva, it is remarkable that this year´s conference is being held here. Despite the fact that Estonia is in its early stages of implementing restorative justice, it indicates our visibility within the international restorative justice community, acknowledging our progress and practices.”

„Restorative justice has been effectively used in juvenile delinquency in Estonia, including cases of fights, bullying, and theft. Following the restorative justice concept, approved in November 2022, we are taking steps to implement a culture that supports restorative justice across communities, social and educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, and the criminal justice system more broadly,“ added Surva.

The conference is co-organized by the Ministry of Justice, the Social Insurance Board, and the NGO RuaGrew.

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Elis Maria Oldekop