Laanet: Europe must focus on nothing but supporting Ukraine in the war

23.01.2024 | 16:38

According to Kalle Laanet, Minister of Justice of Estonia, the workload related to the initiatives of the European Commission is currently too much of a burden for countries like Estonia. Today he expressed this to Minister of Justice of Germany, Dr. Marco Buschmann.
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The Minister of Justice of Germany, Dr. Marco Buschmann, said that especially now, when there is a war in Europe, it is necessary to deal with reducing the excessive administrative burden arising from the law of the European Union. He noted it would be reasonable for both large and smaller member states of the Union to cooperate in identifying problems and offering potential solutions.

Estonian Minister of Justice agreed with his colleague. "As there is war in Europe, the most important thing for us is supporting Ukraine and focusing on time-critical internal legislation. We simply do not have enough people to deal with all the initiatives of the European Commission. Therefore, it is important that we focus our collective efforts on the most pressing matters. The most important of which is supporting Ukraine so that they win and the aggressor loses," said Kalle Laanet.

The ministers found that in addition to financial and military support, the focus should also be on the after-effects of the war. "When Ukraine has won the war, the perpetrators of war crimes must be brought to justice and the damage caused to Ukraine must be compensated. In this, my German colleague and I are of the same mind," confirmed Kalle Laanet.

The Minister of Justice of Estonia praised the Germans for their efforts in supporting Ukraine in a situation where the German economy is in decline.

German Minister of Justice Dr. Marco Buschmann found that Germans have a lot to learn from Estonian digital solutions. Above all, he was interested in digital court proceedings, which Estonia is at the forefront of in Europe. "It was a pleasure to hear from my German colleague that one of the largest EU-member states wants to take an example from the Estonians to reduce their bureaucracy. We shared our knowledge and experience with the guests, and will gladly continue to do so," said Kalle Laanet.

Andri Küüts

Public Relations Advisor